South Carolina

Clemson University

Offering both a BS, a BA, and graduate studies, they’re ranked one of the top-10 supercomputing campuses in the country, Clemson offers computer science majors a unique opportunity to collaborate with computing specialists and faculty. Their nationally recognized faculty hold a variety of research interests and experience across industry and academia. From the classroom to the lab, your studies and research will prepare you for a career in software development, computer system support, the entertainment industry, government agencies or the IT department that exists in every medium- to large-size company. Clemson also provides 24- hour access to multiple computer labs and computing facilities.

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University of South Carolina

The Department of Computer Science offers bachelor degrees that provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to work as practitioners in all aspects of the computing and information processing industries. The major in computer science allows students to focus primarily on the software aspects of computing and requires selection of an appropriate application area. The Department also offers MS, ME, and PhD degrees in Computer Science. A combined BS/MS program is available which facilitates completion of both degrees by allowing some senior courses to be applied to both degrees.

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